Time Capsule Files: Cosplay Part 2 – Generation of Chaos

However it may seem, the title of this post does not refer to the anime but in fact, to you all. Yes, YOU. Furthermore, this post is dedicated to you people in earnest, for two reasons: first, for your unending patience with my irregular posting patterns and habits and second because, editing these pictures, I was reminded how much fun I had taking them, whether I was on the decks or not. You live and breathe these nights as if they were oxygen. Make no mistake, Otaku Culture in Athens is not about Le Ciel, myself or anyone else who organizes, promotes or publicizes it – it’s about each and every one of you who will cosplay, sing-along, mosh, train-dance or do a V-sign when they feel pin-pricks from images and music that mean to them something warm and unexplainable. It’s about all of you as a community that loves this insane and honest-to-God-cool culture, that started out with kids wearing bottle-lensed glasses and keeping to themselves and has come, passing through 40 waves of uncertainty and struggle, to geeks being the cool crowd.

The youngest among you, or those only recently introduced to this wonderful madness (or is it Mad Wonderland?) that is modern Japan, may not know it looking at things now, but there was time when Greek otaku were weird even by geek standards (about the same time when ISDN-128 was akin to the Holy Grail) and now, there are people in the US and Germany who are astounded that the Greek Japanese culture scene is so big and active. No matter what you hear, no matter what they tell you, no matter how anything is advertised, no ONE person, no ONE team can take credit for this. To paraphrase, in true geek fashion, some 2nd Edition AD&D, any culture, any trend, is only as strong and survives only as long as its fans will support it. As Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher put it in Dork Tower: “Geeks got it together”. Thank you, and enjoy the show.

To close off, this was the first set I played on that night:

Playlist – 2008-11-14 – The Gauss Protocol Vol. 1

01 – FLCL – Funny Bunny.mp3

02 – Uchyuu Senkan Yamato (TV OP).mp3

03 – Iga no Kabamaru – Circus Game.mp3

04 – Getter Robo – Getter Robo (TV OP – TV Size).MP3

05 – Jungle wa Itsumo Hare no Chi Guu – Love Tropicana (TV OP).mp3

06 – One Piece – Ready! (BGM).mp3

07 – Hunter x Hunter GI Final – Believe in Tomorrow (OVA OP).mp3

08 – Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs [Extended] .mp3

09 – Speedgrapher – Girls on Film (TV OP).mp3

10 – Naruto Shippuuden – Hero’s Come Back.mp3

11 – Ranma – I Can’t Become A Sweet Nice Girl.mp3.mp3

12 – Kuroshitsuji – Monochrome no Kiss (TV OP).mp3

13 – Blood+ – Colors of the Heart (TV OP 2).mp3

14 – Ga-Rei Zero – Paradise Lost (TV OP 1).mp3

15 – Shion no Ou – Lady Love (TV OP).mp3

16 – Vandread – Overdrive.mp3

17 – Soul Eater – Resonance (TV OP).mp3

The whole point was that, since I had two lists to play, I would start in a silly, funky, lighthearted way, reach a peak by the end of this set and start at that peak in the second set (which would be rather late), gradually toning down in beat. I think it worked pretty well. My inspiration for this was the graph of Gaussian Distribution, shown below like so:

In earnest,



12 Responses to “Time Capsule Files: Cosplay Part 2 – Generation of Chaos”

  1. Pragmatika sinxaritiria gia tin ypomonh kai tin epimonh sou!Xoris esena den tha eixame tropo na exoume olo auto to arxeio…Se euxaristo gia allh mia fora!
    Perimenoume kai ales fotografies e!To part 3!Thelo na me do mazi me ton estorial pano sto klouvi sto Caramel!Take your time dear pornographer…
    Elpizo na se doume avrio!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Poly kalh douleia, Spreedgrapher. Thanks for going through all that trouble for us ^^

  3. Nerethil Says:

    WOOOOHOOO!!!! Xilia euxaristoume speedo-san apo emena ki eimai sigours ki apo ta ipoloipa paidia tou one piece troupe!(Btw, m’aresei to speedo-san, thimizei magio. To kratame). WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thank you for the kind words, one and all!

    @Zauk: Yeah, it’s right around the corner in the next set… Karameldansen… Eyes bleed…

    @Anonymous: No trouble, just a bit more than I can chew sometimes (this frigging party has taken forever – processed… 270/418, Gaaah!

    @Nerethil: First off, you are most welcome. Secondly… “Speedo-san”. “Magio”. Bad, bad imagery.

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  6. Ritsuka FTW! Says:

    hey^ ^
    polu kales photos alla vale kai mia pou einai o sai me to sasuke^ ^

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ma tha valo, apla einai futher on still. Mou exei vgalei tin pisti afto to cosplay. Two more posts to go…

  8. Ritsuka FTW! Says:

    a oke^ ^

  9. Ritsuka FTW! Says:

    heya^ ^
    vasika an mporeis na mou steileis merikes pic apo auto to cosplay (an kai liiiigo arga) to e-mail mou to exeis^ ^ thnx

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Errr… o Sasuke isoun? Berdeftika…

  11. Ritsuka FTW! Says:


  12. Ritsuka FTW! Says:

    htan lathos to email^^

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