Back in Action

All right then, now that the poll has been concluded, we can get back to work. First of all, I want to thank all of you who took the time to vote and therefore, affect the form of this blog. You can see the results for yourselves here (just click on “View Results”) and since WordPress apps keep being menstrual, I would like to add that, there were also 2 answers in the “Other” section, one being “Hai desu! Cannot live without commenting” and the other “I am not sure, maybe some people in the pictures do not like being commented on”. The actual results of the vote, should you be too bored to go look, will become evident in the post I will make in a couple of hours from now.

In other news, Le Ciel’s Saturday Theme Nights may have been stopped due to club policy, but the Fridays are still going strong. This week, the poster features you people, in a picture I assume was taken by Raven (I met some people from the One Piece troupe the other day and they asked me about it – sadly, no, it is not a picture I have taken, so I reasonably assume it is hers. Good job dear Morrigan-companion!).

Power to the (J-) People!

Power to the (J-) People!

Here I see the Flame Alchemist, Accela, the One Piece Troupe and
Rita-drops (have a nice trip and stay in the U.K. baby girl!).

See you in a little while,



4 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. *Waves* Yes, yes, it was me… I admit it! I was cowering… ummm… strategically placed in a corner… LOL! What?! They were gonna start moshing! Hahahahahahahaha! No, I love it when they mosh… I just try to get out of the way first. *Giggles* Thankies, Sensei Speedy for the compliment! *Kissu*

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    No need to thank me dear girl: merely stating the (obvious) truth, as always. Yes, I understand perfectly the run for cover: surviving the mosh calls for mass near mine or, at the very least, madness near their own. :p

  3. Re! Aytos ekei sto kentro ths fwto foraei mplouza “Burzum”…! 😛

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hehe, o Flame Alchemist einai.

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