The Stockholm Syndrome (In A Manner of Speaking)

The Stockholm Syndrome (not the band), in a nutshell, is something abduction victims develop, in that they start to empathize with and even feel a distorted kind of love for their abductor. Of course, it is something much more complex, stemming from the defense mechanism of “Identifying With the Aggressor” but that is not really pertinent here. On the 31st of January, Sakura Syndrome are coming down to Athens, in order to celebrate their Third Anniversary and organize a Cosplay Party in Dasein (Solomou 12, Exarheia). Therefore, any and all who will be abducted by them on said Saturday, are more than likely to enjoy their abduction, filled with Japanese music of all sorts, VJing, free giveaways, Japanese merchandise, as well as the presentation of yet another secret band (as before with SaTaN and Xodiack). Somnium and Mona, Tanjyobi Omedetou Gozaimasu! (And congratulations on your new official site – that is where the above link leads).

Sakura no Mittsu Nen Paati.

Sakura no Mittsu Nen Paati.

Well, I guess that’s January for you, with New Year’s Resolutions and choke full of events, with Le Ciel’s Silent Hill Cosplay Party this Friday, J-Rocker’s Ball on the 30th and Sakura Syndrome’s party just the day after. I predict my eyes and trigger finger will suffer greatly.




2 Responses to “The Stockholm Syndrome (In A Manner of Speaking)”

  1. nai,tha eimaste ekei.Tha sas doume apo koda kai stin athina.

  2. […] on, until my current day job engagements are completed. On the up side, I have finished editing the Sakura Syndrome 3rd Anniversary Party photos in Da Sein and they are looking really good, so first 2-hour gap I get, I will upload the […]

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