Power to the (J-)People

Hello my dear readers! As this blog has been about and for the (otaku) people – psst, that would be you! – I decided to let you make yet another decision. As you may have noticed, clicking on the photo thumbnails does not lead to a comment page first and then (after a second click) to the actual, full-sized photo. Rather, you go to the enlarged photo by clicking only once. Some had said they preferred it that way and yet some others asked me what happened to the Photo Comment Pages, since they liked being able to comment on each photo individually.

To tell you the truth, I do not really have a preference – each option has its pros and cons, but I am really interested in what YOU think, since you are the final receivers of the end result. Therefore, you can tell me straight away in the following poll. I have to ask for your honest cooperation here: only one vote per person, since the various lock-offs may hamper the proper function of the poll. I do not need to put restrictions on you – I believe you are serious enough and like this blog enough to be serious on your own.

Thank you in advance,



8 Responses to “Power to the (J-)People”

  1. Hai!Desu!

  2. Furexxxibure Says:

    What about the previous poll?
    Clickara pisw kai h moy diefyge h apla fantazomai to brhkes inaccurate???

  3. Furexxxbure same kai se mena…Kairo exo na se do esena paliiikari moU!Elpizo tin paraskeuh na eisai paron!xD

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Sorry, paides, ti enoite? To poll ekei einai akoma. Zauk, logika tha eimai Paraskevi.

  5. Orea ade na se doume…Tha thavmasoume kai KREAS!
    Ksereis esy… 😉

  6. Xa!!! Prosoxh otan milate gia thn ousia twn pantwn! Thn anwtath ennoia tou kosmou!!! Th isxyroterh olwn dynamh pou e3ousiazei zwh kai mh zwh!!! To KREAS einai pantou! To blepete synexws… Mhn arneiste thn pantodynamia tou kai thn pantaxou parousia tou… To KREAS einai ola kai ola einai KREAS (brwsimo bebaia, kyriolektika h’ metaforika…)

    Diadideis tous logous tou Profhth me zhlo blepw… Exoume kerdisei en8ermous yposthriktes blepw…! Bravo! Bravo Andrea, teknon mou!!! 😛

  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Salaam AleKREAS Daskale.

  8. […] time to vote and therefore, affect the form of this blog. You can see the results for yourselves here (just click on “View Results”) and since WordPress apps keep being menstrual, I would […]

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