Season’s Greetings O Ye Faithful Otaku!

Well, it’ s a new year and Otaku Lens has been an awful lot silent (I mean, Silent Hill really has NOTHING on it). Truth is, I have been involved in a number of things, both in the realms of work and play (New Year’s Karaoke @ Crescent’s house, featuring Dragonbunny, Flexxxy the Best Man, the Elric Bros, Velvet Vortex (and her sister, Jo), Raziel, Sokail, Mantzoola Man, Zauk, Oremo and my own little self, accompanied by lots of drink and hookah smoking, was one of New Year’s high points, hehehe). Therefore, much as I would have liked to have kept my promise to Zauk about posting the FF Cosplay the day after (well, that is, the same day but later – anyway, I digress!), it never happened and to tell the truth, this editing session tore my eyeballs out. Freaking Final Fantasy cosplays at night, indoors or outdoors, are a bitch to clear up but now you can expect around 100 photos, come afternoon. As for the rest of the stuff I STILL owe you, you WILL get to see them but I am afraid we’ ll have to take baby steps.

Meanwhile, again, for the record, this is what’s been happening with Le Ciel lately:

Le Ciel Double Play.

Le Ciel Double Play.

and this is what you have to look forward to this month, as we wait for Ryo Fujimura on February:

Silent as the Grave...

Silent as the Grave...

Substantiated rumors have it that Tomodachi-oneesan will come back with a vengeance this time. I cannot make any promises about being there, given my current situation with deadlines and insanely too much work, but chances are that I will make time for it, SOMEHOW. Given a certain one-contact-lens-wearing someone’s fixation with the bloody theme, I expect at LEAST one of you to do a decent Pyramid Head cosplay. For the record, see below what you have to contend with, which was hand-made!


See you in the afternoon,


P.S. Oh, and a Happy New Year, I guess.


2 Responses to “Season’s Greetings O Ye Faithful Otaku!”

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  2. […] that’s January for you, with New Year’s Resolutions and choke full of events, with Le Ciel’s Silent Hill Cosplay Party this Friday, J-Rocker’s Ball on the 30th and Sakura Syndrome’s party just the day […]

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