Update On The Final Fantasy Cosplay Party

As you may have seen in bulletins on MySpace, Raven and I will be joining Le Ciel on the decks this coming Friday, for the Cosplay Party at Underworld. For the n-th time, NO, I will not be cosplaying. I mean, anime are hard enough with their host of effeminate characters, but Final Fantasy really takes it to the next level.

There are basically two characters I could cosplay and both are waaaaay problematic: Barrett fits the body type, but I do not really see me wearing a fishnet t-shirt and there is no way I could build that cool gun of his. Now Red-XIII was another option but come on, how bad do you want to see me covered in red paint and walking on all fours (on second thought, don’t answer that…)?

At any rate, hope to see you all there,



3 Responses to “Update On The Final Fantasy Cosplay Party”

  1. Red paint and walking on all fours for cosplaying and you can also add a red vest and pants, white beard and …Santa is back…..ok now i need to go study again and the prozac effects are faddiinnng…

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Wasn’t there a book called “Plato, not Prozac?”

  3. Sure but Plato has no effect on me, while some industrial amounts of prozac might make my eyelids flutter lol

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