Updates On Our J-Scene

Yes, still working on those photos so I can have something for you by the end of this week (I told as much to some members of the One Piece Troupe, who I met by chance in Chalandri). In the meantime, I have neglected updating you some, on the current affairs in the Greek Japanese music scene. Here goes then, in one big load. Some of those you obviously already know but I will put them on here, just for the record:

Le Ciel.

Le Ciel.

Ordre de Ciel have changed into Le Ciel, currently including [room302] and Larva. At the same time, the weekly Friday event has been moved to the 19:00 – 02:00 time slot. The reasons, obvious or not, justified, obscure or the fault of the Underpants Gnomes, have already been discussed ad nauseeum and there is really nothing more to tell. Things are as they are and that’s that. This Friday, Le Ciel will play an exclusive new song by Lamia Cross and new songs from Akira Yamaoka’s Silent hill: Homecoming Soundtrack, besides the usual, well-loved tunes.

Final Fantasy Cosplay Party.

Final Fantasy Cosplay Party.

Next Friday will see Le Ciel’s first themed Cosplay Party, revolving around the Final Fantasy series of games, movies and animation. Expectedly, there will be an extensive music tribute to the music of Nobuo Uematsu and The Black Mages, while the top cosplayers will be rewarded by Death Vote.

Ryo Fujimura Acoustic Event.

Ryo Fujimura Acoustic Event.

Moving forward in time to the 13th of February 2009, Le Ciel, in collaboration with Ramen Events, will host an acoustic event with Acid Flavor‘s Ryo Fujimura, who will be promoting and signing his new maxi single (“Concrete 0.1”), also giving the audience the chance to meet and have a bit of a talk with the artist himself.

Well, that is all for now and I hope you will excuse my recent semi-ghostly situation but on top of work and a s#!tload of other stuff, recent events in Athens have had their effect too. I hope you don’t know anyone who was hurt in the riots and that you are all well.




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