Speedgrapher’s Still There, Even If You Can’t See Him…

Hello there people! Hmmm, how do I begin? Well, it is evident that (almost) over the past two weeks I have not posted anything here in Otaku Lens. Before you start panicking, run off crying or attempt ill-resulted suicides, NO, I am not closing down the blog (am I so full of myself or what?).
However, these past two weeks have been rather less than enjoyable, for a number of reasons, both personal and professional, with the sole exception of the “Ecocrimes” presentation (an anthology of short stories around ecological themes and a sort of detective or horror story feel, mine being the “Double Substitution Crime”) at Ianos Bookstore on Wednesday; no, seriously, for my transit there (late as always – it MUST be a universal stability requirement) having been a series of accidents, mishaps and quite SOME anxiety, the presentation itself went like a charm. I even managed to read a 3-minute passage from it for the audience, without actually stuttering out of nervousness (and believe me, when I arrived there, half an hour late according to my father, I was a nervous wreck). Hence, at this point I must thank Sokail, Flexxxy and Crescent for coming over at the rather weird time of 12:30 at noon, to watch the presentation (I HAVE warned you about those pictures, haven’t I Flexxxy?)
As for the stuff I still owe you (the last Cosplay and the second Visual Party), fear not but have some patience, for I WILL get through the backlog and I will probably have plenty of time to do it, as I will not be taking pictures for a while. The how and why is such an immense series of biological and sociological reasons which tire me even as I try to ponder them, so PLEASE do not ask (I am serious, don’t).
However, as I try to gather my gray matter to work the necessary magic, here’s a little something to kick around while you wait:

Talk to you real soon,


10 Responses to “Speedgrapher’s Still There, Even If You Can’t See Him…”

  1. FlexXxible Says:

    Ok friend…you are a powerful entity we cannot see-if you choose not to be seen hehehe
    It was a real pleasure to see you making a sneak preview of your work πŸ™‚
    Gt dhladh nte k kala na pshfizoyme ena eidos mono, afoy exoyme miktes protimhseis oi perissoteroi an den apatwmai?Akoyme k goystaroyme J-rock me thn eyryterh ennoia, bale k to V-kei mesa dld, kai latreyoyme kai ta anime themes!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    (1) My point in the thitle was not of metaphysical value but your comment is funny as all hell.

    (2) Again, thanks for being there.

    (3) Akrivos gia afto den afisa to multiple choice: etsi tha evgainan ola 100%! Fysika exeis dikio, alla sas vazo na skefteite ean kai kata poso yparxei top preference.

  3. FlexXxible Says:

    Oso gia ton title, fysika kai katalaba e3 arxhs your point g ayto kai to sxolio moy kati ypainissetai XAXAXAXAXA

  4. So if it turns out more people like VK than Anime themes does that mean youll change your playlist? E? E? E?

    Giati an auto isxuei na paw na kanw vote apo polla net (an) cafe xixixixixi :p

  5. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ahem… NOT, but anyway, it seems to me I am including more and more non-anime stuff in the sets to be (maybe) played. Hmmm…

  6. Ontws o agaphtos FlexXxible exei ena point se o,ti afora to dhmopshfisma! Den yparxei pou8ena j-black metal, h’ estw j-metal! Ax, aytoi oi dhmosiografoi! Panta pane na 8apsoune ayto pou den tous goustarei… ki exoun kai th dynamh na to kanoun… πŸ˜› Ax0a0x0a0xa0x0a0x0ax0axa!!! Ennoeitai oti 8a hmane ekei man! Oso periergh ki an hto h wra!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  7. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hm… anaforika me ti J-Metal, itan kati pou kathisa kai to skeftika poly kai telika den tin evala, dioti eidika stin iaponiki mousiki kata 90% embiptei se alles katigories, opos to Alternative kai to Visual Kei. To idio isxyei kai me ti J-Goth. Prosopika ta mona iaponika metal sygrotimata pou ksero pou DEN embiptoun anagastika kapou allou, einai oi Loudness, oi Galhammer kai oi Animetal. Aftoi oit eleftaioi den xreiazetai kan na sou po se poia alli katigoria embiptoun…!

  8. Na ta!!! Na ta kyries kai kyrioi ta piswplata maxairwmata twn dhmosiografwn, ta blepete??? Eisaste martyres oloi!!! Kataggelw kai th Maswnia mazi sou, dhmosiografiko skouliki!!! Ax0axa0x0ax0a0x0ax0ax0ax0a0x0a0xaxa!!!

  9. Sirius Black Says:

    Look, I’m just gonna whine about your poll here:
    I need a poll in which I can pick more than one options.
    I listen to both J Rock and Visual Kei but I could only vote for one of them…T_T

  10. speedxgrapher Says:

    Hmm, you have a point but it’s a minor sacrifice in the name of science. (Well, not really but I wanted to avoid the possibility of everything being equal since most listen to everything, even a little.) (^__~)

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