Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual – Part 3: Visual Rocks!

Amazingly enough, I stayed up all night and I managed to dig up a solution on my photo-upload problem!!! I guess a world of rage and arse-headed determination CAN pay off at times. At any rate, I will not bother you any further with this. On to the last part of Let’s Get Visual, FINALLY! En Avant!

115 pictures later, WE ARE DONE! Let’s Get Visual rocked and it WILL rock again in two weeks, not to mention your hearing me playing a compilation with some waaay Visual Kei stuff in it. I’ll be seeing you real soon (tonight, or else) and of course, there is lots still to post. By the way, this is the second set I played on the 7th of November, the first part of the Vampire Engel’s story, from when his family was slaughtered by the Teutons in Prussia, to his escape from his vampiric mistress. Enjoy!

Playlist – 2008-10-25 – Schuldig Engels Gedicht Verse I – Knight

01 – Samurai 7 – Fuhen (TV ED).mp3

02 – FFVII Advent Children – Tatakau Monotachi.mp3

03 – Rurounin Kenshin – Ice Blue Eyes.mp3

04 – Astroboy 2003 – Boy’s Heart (TV ED).mp3

05 – Elfen Lied – Lilium (TV OP – TV Size).mp3

06 – Gravion – Nageki no Rosario.mp3

07 – Berserk – Ghosts (BGM).mp3

08 – Macross Frontier – Northern Cross (TV ED 05).mp3

09 – Berserk – Berserk Forces (TV ED).mp3

10 – FFVI Advent Children – Battle in the Forgotten City.mp3

11 – Berserk – Behelit.mp3

12 – Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro – Dirty (TV OP).mp3

13 – Trinity Blood – Kreshnik.mp3

14 – Kikoushi Enma – Decadence (TV ED 1).mp3

15 – Detroit Metal City – Satsugai.mp3

16 – Trinity Blood – Requiem Inori.mp3

17 – Nightwalker – Gessekai (TV OP).mp3



3 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual – Part 3: Visual Rocks!”

  1. FlexXxible Says:

    Dear Mr. Speedxgrapher

    Mias kai eimai megas 8aymasths toy ergoy soy kai omoideaths (k gw koybalaw panta kati, apo kinhto me camera, fwtografikh, ews k videocamera xexexe), kat arxhn soy dinw ta eyshma gia olh th hard work poy kaneis voluntarily, oxi apla epeidh thn kaneis -kai oloi estw kai as to paizoyme adiaforoi agwnioyme pote einai etoimh-alla epeidh bgainei kati poly zamato eidika me ta sxolia!!!

    Opote 3ana ena megalo mprabo se sena!!Den einai glypseimataki!!Apla nomizw oti meta apo toso mpela, nomizw oti exeis anagkh na labeis k enan mikroylh epaino!!!Gt mesa apo tis photo mporei kaneis na ektimhsei k to ergo twn Boudoir X!-pera apo to na kamarwsei to Narkissismo toy xexe

    Pali mprabo kai stis make-up artists, ta sxediakia ta spasane milame!!

    Kai mprabo kai ston ODC army poy symmetexei, ekfrazetai k bazei o ka8enas th dikh toy pinelia!!Poso xairomai na 3erw oti den eimai to mono Bizarre atomo s ayth th gkriza polh.

    Till next time!!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Wow, um… What can I say? Well, at the very least I am happy you people enjoy the posts and I honestly thank you for your… flexxxible words! Let’s smash everything tonight (again)! Bizarre is as bizarre does (try reading that with Greeks pronunciation – rocks!)

  3. […] Verse I – Knight was played back then […]

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