Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual II

Even though I have obviously NOT finished posting the first “Let’s Get Visual” yet, that does not stop us from having a second one by the end of this month, right? Right, I WILL die. However, it goes to show how successful Boudoir X and of course, all of you, made that party. After a few communications management issues, I can finally tell you what the “secret surprise” was for the Visual Party.

If you look a little more closely to the bottom right side of the poster, you will see Louiza at work on the second “Visualization” of that night. That was not done simply on a whim, but with horrible premeditation! In fact, the main idea is that (probably as of the poster of “Let’s Get Visual III”), the poster will be featuring the best Visual participant of the previous party, in all their glory and as photographed by yours truly. Now, the manner in which that “best” will be chosen is not yet decided (as far as I know) but all details will be announced in time; and just to stop all manner of weird and silly speculations, the photo you see on this poster was simply chosen out of a selection of pictures which had the merits (a) of my liking them (b) of my being willing not to post them here before the poster was out (c) of somehow illustrating what was the main event of the night (and really, REALLY, honestly sorry Milk-chan, I could not find one where you are both styling at the same time…).

Get Visualized, get Poster-ized!

Get Visualized, get Poster-ized!

As for the deteriorating speed of my photo-posts, please take into account that this is not my day-job (I do it for fun but it’s a lot of work) and the fact that you provoke me into taking ridiculously many pictures (keep doing that though – it’s what makes the whole thing fun).

Talk to you real soon again,



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