Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual – Part 2: Visual Antics

These parties will be the end of me. Any more originality and I will be 25 out of 24 hours in front of a screen and when I die, they will find me fused to the keyboard and mouse, Photoshop still running. But what the Hell, at least I will go out – not in style, it’s pretty lame – but promoting style, so that is a small measure of comfort. Anyhow, more visual fun for you and a look into our civilian (i.e. dressed and made-up rather normally) crowd, because the real point is the melting pot. Enjoy the ride (and watch your heads)!

It took me some but now you have a 100 pics to prey on.  A little patience and the rest will hopefully be posted tomorrow. Don’t you dare be absent at the Cosplay Party, least of all because you were stuck oggling the photos.

Y’ hear?!



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