Nihon no Weirdness (First in a Series?): Hard Gay Ramen

A few years back, a friend named John Dalkides, had told me about Hard Gay (pronounced “Haaado Gaay”) videos, where a Japanese dude dressed in latex and spikes (of the Blue Oyster Bar variety, of Police Academy fame), did a number of what we would consider waaaaaay weird gags, the sort for which you usually get arrested. However, the Japanese public loved him! The self-named Razor Ramon Sumitani gained much more than his 15 minutes of fame, proof that in Japan, really, ANYTHING goes. For many years, I had seen only the occasional fragment of his gags, until Oremo bulletined the following video. It was a million laughs and so, I decided to post it here, with a few expletives. Bother yourselves with it until I finish editing part 2 of Let’s Get Visual.

Funny thing is, Masaki Sumitani, ex-pro wrestler (and winner of the Kyoto Heavyweight Championship – see this video for his “amazing” return to the ring; requires nerves of steel), is many things, among which a professional comedian AND Anna Suzuki’s husband, but NOT much gay at all, which outraged the actual Japanese homosexual population, because of his stereotypical antics. However, his soaring popularity should be enough to keep him out of much trouble. If you are interested in more of his antics translated (which should MAYBE alarm you – I mean he IS funny but, come on!), go here.

In the off chance you were wondering, THIS is model Anna Suzuki…

Incidentally, should you google the guy with his real name, you get 6090 results and up until page 44 at least, they are mostly relevant. Japan’s TV fandom is interesting, in a scary sort of way…




3 Responses to “Nihon no Weirdness (First in a Series?): Hard Gay Ramen”

  1. This video is a classic, kudos for posting the article! ā¤

    And now… bring us more visual, and Gina, please! šŸ˜€

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Working on it but… as for Gina, ummm… thing is, I have astonishingly few photos of her from that night… I think I got distracted from all the new faces and the total chaos I was trying to photograph… I WILL post those I have though…

  3. […] 4. Nihon no Weirdness (First in a Series ?): Hard Gay Ramen […]

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