Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual – Merely an Intro

Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle, wearing military uniform…! Yes, I know I should have started posting about this earlier, but three events in the span of maybe 8 days, is just plain too much for this old dog. However, I thought I should at least give you some pointers about the rather different nature of this report. At last count, that night I took 431 pictures!!! Now, as you can see, this is a rather robust number for me to try and deal with in just one short week. Therefore, “Let’s Get Visual” will be covered until the coming Friday (not tomorrow, the 14th of October), when, of course, it’s back to square one for me, since it’s the next Cosplay Party!

Given the very particular nature of “Let’s Get Visual!”, at least this time, the photos will be mostly organized by person, with an effort on my part to put in the correct order, the recorded visual transformations by Boudoir X. This will take some planning, so expect the first post in the early hours this coming morning or just before I come over to UNDERWORLD.

However, before I leave off, I believe congratulations are in order for the party’s leading ladies, Milk and Louiza: they did not stop styling any and all who came to them, from the beginning of the party, until 3:00 in the morning! Not only that, but they fitted each style to the particular individual, upping their creative momentum as the night wore on (you will see what I mean, in the next posts). In fact, people liked their work so much that, after a while, they had to call upon help from their friends, turning a corner of UNDERWORLD into a veritable Visual workshop! An immense BRAVO from me, girls, my index finger is sore to Hell and I loved every moment of it.


Milk and Louiza





3 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual – Merely an Intro”

  1. Vlassis FlexXxible Tsiamas Says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!
    Terastio mprabo stis kopeles g thn ypomonh kai to meraki toys!
    Ena yper-gigantio thanks ston MOBORO poy peripoih8hke to malli moy k mia allh kopelitsa (poy 3exasa t onoma ths re gmt) poy m ebapse gt hmoyn teleytaios twn Moikanwn!!!!
    Htan mia kataplhktikh bradia poy goystara trella to olo skhniko!!!!
    Telos filtate, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! Kaneis poly wraia doyleia 😉

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Thank you man! Besides, the absolute MAIN point is to have fun!

  3. […] than I had originally imagined, to organize the pictures in the fashion I had explained in the intro. However, I am quite pleased with the final result and I believe it will be interesting to see the […]

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