Ordre de Ciel: Cool November

Ordre de Ciel forge onwards, continuing their successful run of theme nights and events, with a number of changes under way: the venue where their amazing crowd (that would be… YOU people) meets every Friday, changes its name into UNDERWORLD GENESIS (at the same address of 56, Ippokratous st.), their roster is reinforced by two official new members, Yu-kun and err… ehem *blushes* my little old self, while the entrance to the club becomes free on Fridays, regardless of the time of arrival.

After the very successful premiere of Boudoir X during Halloween’s “Let’s Get Visual” event (31 st of October), this month OdC start off with the presentation of two new J-Rock albums, Dir en Grey’s “Uroboros” and Girugamesh’s “MUSIC” (7th of November). Coming up next is this month’s Cosplay Party, on the 14th of November (to make up for BIOS), while the events for the other two Fridays are to be announced soon.

Being missing...

Being missing...

...is missing out!

...is missing out!



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