Ordre de Ciel: The BIOS Chapter

OK, I do not really need to go over the well known and much discussed events, but what was not properly shown, was what took place before the owners’ UN-timely intervention and of course, what happened afterwards! You did not seriously think the party just rolled over an died, did you?!!

Well, now you know. The party did not merely end around midnight, it just transferred elsewhere, because good mood and humor can be taken along with you anywhere. On the contrary, a stuck-up miser never has any room for that inside their pitiful self.

Oh, I almost neglected: here is the “Taisetsuna Omoide” Playlist, so you can understand the order in which the songs played:

Playlist – 2008-10-25 – Taisetsuna Omoide

01 – Getter Robo (TV OP) [1974-04-04].mp3

02 – Captain Harlock – Space Pirate Captain Harlock (TV OP) [1978-03-14].mp3

03 – Uchyuu Senkan Yamato (TV OP) [1978-10-14].mp3

04 – Ulysse 31 – Ulysse Revient (TV OP) [1981].mp3

05 – Choujiju Yasai Macross – Macross Battle Theme [Instrumental] [1982-10-03].mp3

06 – Iga no Kabamaru – Circus Game [1983-10-20].mp3

07 – Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs [Extended] [1984-10].mp3

08 – Thundercats [Better Version] [1985].mp3

09 – Area 88 New – Mission (TV OP) [1985-02-05].mp3

10 – Les Mondes Engloutis Theme [1985-04].mp3

11 – Saint Seiya – Pegasus Fantasy (TV OP) [1986-10-11].mp3

12 – Ranma – I Can’t Become A Sweet Nice Girl [1989-04-15].mp3.mp3

13 – Record of the Lodoss War – Flame & Eternity (OVA OP) [1990-11-23].mp3

14 – Sailor Moon – Moonlight Densetsu (TV OP) [1992-03-07].mp3

15 – Tenchi Muyo! – I’m A Pioneer [English] [1992-09-25].mp3

16 – X – Men [1992-10-31].mp3

17 – Dragonball – Makafushigi Adventure [Greek] [1995].mp3

18 – Slayers – Get Along [1995-04-07].mp3

19 – NGE – Zankokuna Tenshi no Teeze (TV OP) [1995-10-04].mp3

20 – Record of the Lodoss War – Tales of the Heroic Knight – Kiseki no Umi (TV OP) [1998-04-01].mp3

21 – Digimon – Butterfly (TV OP) [1999-03-07].mp3

The dates are [YEAR-MONTH-DAY] and the theme form Area 88 is the only one out of strict order, since the original 1985 OVA did not have a traceable soundtrack. As for Dragonball, the Greek version came out in 1995.

The second set, which I did not play for the, now well known reasons, was “Schudig Engels Gedicht (Guilty Angel’s’s Poem) – Verse I – Knight”. Let the good times keep rolling. We are unstoppable!

In earnest,



4 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: The BIOS Chapter”

  1. That day after bios, I’ll never forget it it was awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Indeed. Fun as funny gets!

  3. […] night editing and I am now ready to start with the cosplay of 14/11/2008, the one following the BIOS fiasco and done so close to the latter, in order to make up for the cosplayers who had to come in full […]

  4. […] list was a follow-up feature of the one I did last year at BIOS and translates as “Memories From Long, Long Ago”. If you go to the end of the linked […]

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