Odre de Ciel: Audience Killer Loop IV – Part 1

It is officially a conspiracy! I mean, I know I have a trouble with time but honestly? The Universe isn’t really helping! I mean, Monday my internet goes all PMS on me (sorry to all the girls out there) and on top of that, last night the PC simply decides it’s had enough of company for the day and equally simply shuts down during the editing, leaving me in a mood to be very unforgiving and hammer-friendly with it. Ah, well…! At least you had some good news to chew on while you waited…

Anyhow, on to Audience Killer Loop IV, which may have started out a bit slow (well, many WERE expecting the next day’s cosplay – so much for that, even though the costumes are deserving of great praise indeed), but from 22:30 until whenever (I lose my sense of time when everyone is having so much fun and I am taking so many pics, nyohohoho!), as always, everything was swept away in benevolent chaos.

Well, you will get the idea…

Well, that’s finally it for, today, tonight, whatever! In any event, seeing how I got so much out of schedule, I will be posting every day until Friday (probably, including Friday), until I have exhausted last weekend’s material, so check back often for updates. You must understand, I really have no choice, since Ordre de Ciel are inaugurating their “Let’s Get Visual” this Friday and if “visual” doesn’t go with *click* !FLASH!, then I do not know what does!




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