Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual!

At long last it’s here, don’t miss it!

Dare you become Visual by... Boudoir X?

Dare you become Visual by... Boudoir X? Dare you miss...Demi D?

Given the opportunity of Halloween (Friday, 31st of October), Ordre de Ciel are ready to take their parties to the next level, with the first ever “Let’s Get Visual” night at Club UNDERWORLD (Ippokratous 56). During the night, the music will be more geared towards the Visual Kei scene, while OdC have two surprises in store for their visitors: first off, the Boudoir X team will do free, on-the-spot Visual Kei make-up and hair styling, to anyone who will surrender to their expert hands! Secondly, Ordre de Ciel have invited Demi D, the wonder-girl behind JaME Greece, to their decks, for a Visual Kei set as only she can play! There are also rumors about a further surprise but OdC keep mum about it, inviting everyone to come and find out.

Never let me hear you yapping about X-Japan or Dir en Grey again, if you are absent!



4 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: Let’s Get Visual!”

  1. Hey Speedy can I still yap about how unlucky I am. It helps… 😀

  2. Don’t worry! If all goes well this time and people like the visual parties, we will have them every month. So, you come here for a vacation and have some fun, okies? (^_^) I’ll shoot some videos… They’ll be dark, but you’ll get the idea. (~v0) Come home soon!

  3. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well, you can yap away about that all you want (I am all ears – ain’t I always?), though what dear Raven says is true. The unannounced surprise may well help with that, hehehe!

  4. […] updates. You must understand, I really have no choice, since Ordre de Ciel are inaugurating their “Let’s Get Visual” this Friday and if “visual” doesn’t go with *click* !FLASH!, then I do not know […]

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