Ordre de Ciel: Audience Killer Loop IV

OK, people, it’s THAT time of the month again and you know the drill: swamp Ordre de Ciel with your requests, either on their Myspace or in the corresponding thread in Anime.gr, and come over to UNDERWORLD (Ippokratous 56) on Friday to listen to them! If you hear one very weird thing and one moderately weird thing, it’s all my fault, since I requested “Headbanging” from Metalucifer and “Satsugai” from Detroit Metal City.



In the off chance that you have missed the ever-present and near-annoying sticky at the top of this blog, let me remind you that on Saturday, 25th of October, right after the Audience Killer Loop, there is the 24-Hour Comics Day Event at BIOS, where Ordre de Ciel have been invited to host the second Cosplay Party this month! Get your @$$3$ in gear people, for this month’s surprises are nowhere NEAR over…!

Incidentally, remember what I said in the exact last post, about the playlist, “Blazing Trailer”? Well, as it turns out, the 1h30m lists from which it was derived, are still problematic, as each of us is supposed to play 2 x 1-hour sets on the 25th. Therefore, I am preparing two different lists again, one of which is ready. It is called “Taisetsuna Omoide”, “The Fondest Memories”.

Why am I even bothering you with this? Well, because it is a very particular playlist (not to mention waaay peculiar), with which I will take this one-time gamble. Let’s just say that the songs in it, as well as their order, is meant to hold a very special meaning for most, if not all of you. From a DJ standpoint, it is a highly irregular set, so be warned that, even if it has the desired effect, I am only doing this once and naturally, it will be the first set I play.

Cheers (and beers),



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