Photo of the Week: Visual Spine

It’s been somewhat bumpy with the logistics of the blog and hence, this is only the second time I am posting “Photo of the Week”. Hopefully, I will be able to pick up the slack from now on.

Presenting: Doc Freaking Candy Freak (Left), Sir Ploutonas (Right) and reader-favorite, Chirolita (Center – not kidding, the MOST clicked picture to date, is the last in Part 1 of the Cosplay), three members from the Shiverspine band, in an amazing Visual ensemble. I am an anime / manga / comic book geek, as I have often told you and the music scene of Japan is something I came in contact with through these mediums. In fact, the first time I ever even SAW the words “Visual Kei”, was in 2002, in a comic called “Vertigo Pop! Tokyo”, by DC Comics’s Vertigo imprint. That was when I also saw the first comic book version of Hide, called “Hige” in the story. Imperfect sources? Sure, if you take out the fact that both Jonathan Vankin and Seth Fisher had already lived several years in Japan, when they were teamed-up for the project. It was not long after that I watched an X-Japan concert on DVD and saw the original Hide.

The Vertigo Pop! "Hide", at the far right of the panel.

The Vertigo Pop! version of Hide, at the far right of the panel.

Now, nearly 7 years later and having gone to Japan, I can say with fair certainty that I have a pretty clear idea what Visual Kei is and these three people in the picture, fit the bill perfectly, right down to the drummer being dressed (rather successfully) as a woman (*hint* *wink* *nudge*). In my mind – and of course, if they have a mind to – they can make Shiverspine the first ever Greek Visual Kei band. That was, in fact, my first exclamation when I took the picture…

The cover of Vertigo Pop! Tokyo#1

The cover of Vertigo Pop! Tokyo #1



6 Responses to “Photo of the Week: Visual Spine”

  1. dragonbunny Says:

    That was THE most amazing transformation EVER!!!!
    Chirotina we love you!!!!!

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    It’s “Chirolita” fer chrissake!

  3. heh 😛 thanx a lot.. Love is in the air!! ❤

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    E, re glendia opos tha elege kai o Unbound.

  5. Ακριβώς αυτό θα έλεγα. And I would add a thumps up for the Shiverspine band for their cosplays you rock.

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Oooh, hohohohoooooo. Welcome, welcome my friend! I am sure the guys and gal appreciate it!

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