Plastic Tree This Tuesday, 14/10/2008 @ Second Skin

Right, well, you probably know this already but I am putting it here for completeness’ sake. In three days, Plastic Tree will be playing live in Athens, Greece, at the Second Skin Club (Konstantinoupoleos 78 & Iera Odos Ave.), starting at 21:00 local time.

For more details, Greek-speaking readers can visit and the rest pf you simply click on the nice poster right above. One could be inclined to analyze and elaborate on who Plastic Tree are and what’s their story and so on and so forth (and quite a long one too, having been around since 1993) but it has already been done by people who are far more informed than I. So, again, to read their bio in Greek go here and for the English version go here.

Two factoids: when I first tried to download Plastic Tree music, I kept bumping into Radiohead songs. The reason is very simple: Plastic Tree are named after the Radiohead song of the same name. Secondly, being the anime geek that I am, I found that Plastic Tree have actually contributed one song to the anime Garasu no Kantai (“The Glass Fleet”), a space opera series by Studios GONZO and Satelight. The Ending Theme of the TV series, “Namida Drop”, is by Plastic Tree.




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