24-Hour Comics Day Hellas @ BIOS, Guest Cosplay Smash by Ordre de Ciel!

Starting on October 25th, at 15:00 (registrations), and finishing on the 26th, at 19:00, Comicworld invites you to the third year of 24-Hour Comics Day Hellas, at the BIOS cultural venue (Peireos 84, Gazi, access from Kerameikos Metro Station). 24-Hour Comics Day is an international event, held at 49 locales in 14 different countries and during which either amateur or professional comic book artists, illustrators or any other graphic artists, face the challenge of creating a 24-page comic book story, in the span of 24 continuous hours (starting Saturday at 17:00 and finishing also by 17:00 of the next day).



For the first time this year, Comicworld has invited the Ordre de Ciel Collective and their amazing crowd, to work their Cosplay Magic for the event, putting [room302], Raven, KrizD and Larva (as well as little old me, as a guest once more) on the decks, for some unhinged J-Rocking, covering all of the Japanese music spectrum, be it Visual Kei, Goth, Metal, pure, old-fashioned Rock, Pop and of course, Anime and Video Game Music! Be sure to come in costume if you can, for there are still many pages left in the Death Note and votes to be cast. This time, courtesy of Comicworld, the top 5(!) cosplayers will win prizes.

The schedule is as follows:


15:00 Opening, registrations

17:00 24-Hour Comics Day Starts!

19:00 Comicbook Pop Quiz

20:00 Cosplay Party with Ordre de Ciel Starts!

22:00 Anime Videos on Screen


12:00 Almighty Ninja Tycoon – The Movie [Greek]

15:00 Comicbook Pop Quiz

17:00 24-Hour Comics Day Ends!

19:00 Anime Videos on Screen

We are expecting you in earnest,



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