Ordre de Ciel: The UNDERWORLD Opening & The Return of the Lens

Ahhh… *stretches, cracks neck and knuckles* It has been a long while, has it not? More than two weeks in fact, filled with complete absence and silence on my part but really, I had to take some time off and put some things in order. There are a number of changes happening in my life at the moment, both professionally and shall we say, “psychologically”, so focusing on the blogs could not really be squeezed into these processes. However, some things have gone on their way (with results forthcoming, whether good or bad) and I finally have time to take up consistent blogging again. What with the first Ordre de Ciel Cosplay Party at UNDERWORLD being held tonight, I really left myself no choice!

Most, if not all of you who are now reading this, already know of the change in venue, have maybe heard whispers about what is to come and have already seen pictures from the previous 4 parties posted all over MySpace. HOWEVER, this post marks my official return as photographer for these events and I can only promise that I will try and be consistent from week to week. On the other hand, there is something that must be done on your end…

Over the past season, I have taken more than 1500 photos at the Ordre de Ciel parties, where you have so far given me ample subject matter and opportunity for cool photography; be that great as it may, it is also a bit of a problem: you have raised the level of my expectations quite high and even if I did not have an eidetic memory, the point of being a photographer is that, should one forget, the photos always remember. I have seen much in relatively little time and torrentially more over the past 9 months… Now I need even more.

Impress me – no, scratch that – impress US people and I can only promise you, it will NOT go unnoticed. Let your originality, creativity and wild side roam free and I will see to it that you can always remember in the future, when today is far behind.

Enough rant, on with the photos!

You might notice that there are no captions in this set and with (a multitude of) good reason(s): first, it’s about 100 pictures or so, taken over a month ago – I sincerely doubt that the self-explanatory nature of the pictures (or, in some cases, their very, VERY wrong-looking appearance) will have anything added to it by the rattling of my chatterbox. I leave you to take off the rust from your oft-surprising imagination (yes, I AM looking at you, Keru). Secondly, if you worry that you see unfamiliar faces, never fear, for I will elaborate in forthcoming posts from the next parties. Thirdly, it’s the first time in over 6 months that the pictures are in PERFECT chronological order, so that the constant fluctuation of the partying can be for once illustrated (the pictures start at 21:00 and end around 03:30 to 04:00 in the morning), without my photo-romance tampering.

As a final note, in case you were wondering, the pictures that seem taken from a higher angle and downwards, were taken as I was dangling from the trapdoor leading to the DJ decks, one foot on the stair and the other in the air, supporting my body with my elbows. Just so you know…

Well, that’s that then and do not forget: tonight, once more HERE WE GO!

Morphing Complete 100%



2 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: The UNDERWORLD Opening & The Return of the Lens”

  1. Hey sup!

    Looks like deep bro. Real deep.


  2. […] The first Ordre de Ciel cosplay at UNDERWORLD was F.U.C.K.I.N.G. amazing and a huge success, in great part thanks to you people, who, if you have been wondering, have indeed outdone yourselves yet again! Remember how I said that my photographic craving needed to be impressed? […]

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