Photo of the Week: Didi, Out of a Storybook

Seeing as this blog has yet to gain Easy Subjugation‘s momentum, Ergo Proxy had this idea of introducing a new, weekly feature, the “Photo of the Week”, every Monday. Now, the title is just this tiiiiny bit misleading, as the photo might not have actually been taken during the week in question (or that year, for that matter). The only thing you can be sure about, is that I will have taken it and that I will do my damnedest to make it interesting and worth your while.

Once upon a blog, I wrote that: “when every once in a while you manage to capture, inside a picture, that thing which is seemingly impossible to describe in words, THAT is photography and to me, it is priceless”. That is exactly why I chose to set this photo apart from the others of the previous post. It has been a rather long while since I have caught myself staring incomprehensibly at a picture, only later realizing it and trying to figure out what it was I was staring at. Actually, I think the appropriate word here is “gazing”. I was lost in this one… Flashes from old fairy tales and storybook introductions kept bouncing on the inside of my skull and after letting my mind wander along dreamy symbolism and storyteller wisdom, I came up with something that approached the feeling this picture evoked: think Peter Pan, reversed. Imagine, if in place of his hero, James Matthew Barrie had put on the green clothes to a young girl, who had forever refused to grow up; a girl who would wander inside children’s’ windows and invite them to come to Neverland, with an extended hand, “second star to the right and straight on ’till morning”. To me, it would be this girl, in this picture.



One Response to “Photo of the Week: Didi, Out of a Storybook”

  1. very very accurate.

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