Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 3: Farewell

Yup, this is it then… The last ever KABATZA post (well, for the foreseeable future, since you never know). A chapter ends (well, it has ended already, but now it also ends kind of “officially”, with these photos), while another has already begun at UNDERWORLD, with one event already coming up (see last post), as we gear towards the next cosplay around mid-October. It was one of the most memorable nights of our fun home over the past year, from March the 9th (well, it ll started sooner but things really took of with the first cosplay), until September the 6th. Here’s to the memory of good times!

That’s that, then. We bid our KABATZA farewell and she wished us good speed. The toilet anteroom, where so many discussions also took place (for lack of noise) and where many photos were also taken, is sadly missing, seeing as some retarded metalheads decided it was a good idea to smash the mirror and the bench before leaving. That was when I was on the decks. It was a sorry sight and there was no need to for anyone to remember it differently than it was all the other times; save myself, that is, for I must always remember things as they really are… or were… or will be.

Good morning and good luck,



5 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 3: Farewell”

  1. Speedy, Speedy, Speedy… Why is it every pic I see of myself here, I cringe? LOL! Are there no good pictures of me??? Nyaaaaaaaaaah! Don’t answer that question. 😛 The pic of me with the sandwich is classic, though. LOL! Man… *Hides face then slams head on desk* Ow.

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    You cringe?? Now, either you meant to hurt me or we have a severe difference of opinions… I mean, I try to put on pictures in which I find that people look good… (OK, and funny, at times). However, I seriously like that last one of you very very much…

  3. Now now, don’t take offense. I’m really down on myself in the looks department. I look at myself and go “BLEEEEEEEEH!”. LOL! I still love you, you comfy pillow! (^_^)

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well, stop going “BLEEEEEH” or I will smack you! What does it take for you women to realize you are beautiful?! Oh, remember what you asked me about the Elf thing? That was me – at least the first time around (I got opinion confirmation from all around later).

  5. dragonbunny Says:

    Ah! What memories we have of that place!
    I still love it more than the new one, but that`s life.
    We have to go on!
    Good job my friend!
    Lots of kisssssessss!

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