Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 2: Once More, With Feeling!

I am truly, truly sorry this took so long. It was supposed to have come up on Sunday, Monday tops, but there are currently some events which require my attention and foul my mood, so it’s already Wednesday and only now am I posting this. I really have no idea how I will get up to date, since the photos from that night will also yield a “Part 3” AND there’s the Underworld photos to go through… *sigh*. There’s an old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men, which I have often repeated but currently, I am thinking more about the “Bard’s Tongue”, a tendency to speak the truth without even knowing it or before it’s even happened and then cursing yourself for jinxing everything up. *SIGH*

I am ranting again, aren’t I? Well, no need to boggle you. Just go on ahead and enjoy the pictures…

I DO believe that is the best photo to end this post with, don’t you? (Girls, cover your ears for a second, will you?). One more post to go in order to say the final farewell to KABATZA, though I am not making any promises as to the UNDERWORLD post. There’s just too much to process. I can only promise I WILL put it on eventually.

Be a little patient with me these days…



2 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 2: Once More, With Feeling!”

  1. You know that i gave you the finger as a wish! so don’t complain!!! 🙂

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    I MUST complain to make you console me…!

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