Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 1: Legendary Cosplays

Well, here we are! A new season, a new beginning and the end to a much-loved chapter, called “KABATZA”. A smashing time, beautiful people, great cosplays and loads and LOADS of fun! Familiar faces, painfully absent at the JMCM, were back among us and planning to return with a vengeance! However, to get us started on the right foot for this new Ordre de Ciel season, let’s have a little background first, shall we?

Last Wednesday, I got a call from room302, asking me if I wanted to join him on the decks for the Alternative Night of Friday. Now, fool that I am, I managed to contract a virus right on the last days of Summer. In fact, a company of old schoolmates was gathered one night, for a bit of hookah-smoking, loads of non-politically correct humor and a spot of trashy dinner. I cannot know who among us was the carrier but the damn hookah made sure we all contracted some form of throat-aggravating virus (oh and I had a mild case of tonsillitis because a piece of something I ate decided to lodge itself there – too much information, I know, so I am stopping), resulting in a world of severe throat-hurt. HOW-ever, I did not want to leave the Fearless Leader all alone, so hoping for large amounts of Christina’s tea, I packed my sets and went (including the one I had not played at the Alternative Night when I passed out – ahem). The result (other than having the more metal-inclined KABATZA patrons feeling an intense desire to kill me) was a spastic cough that tortured me all Friday night and well into Saturday noon, thus preventing me from cooking up an Ordre de Ciel surprise for the Grand Opening – but I will bring it along tomorrow!

By some gracious stroke of Fool’s Luck, Saturday afternoon my trashed vocal apparatus seemed to calm down and even – *gasp* *awe* – feel rather healed. Thus, having prepared the night’s set several days before (and having petitioned room302 to be allowed a full 1h30m to play it – such selfish narcissism on my part but I really love that set and had tied to make it extra-special for everyone) , I put on my war gear and ventured out.

Interesting Factoid #1: room302 had told anyone to whom he had divulged anything at all, including me, that he would be cosplaying Zack from Final Fantasy, in a way that would blow away my mind and had even asked if I had a Katana in my vast arsenal. Sadly, I do not, as I am more of a western sword / axe / implement of death fan and I directed him to our second resident Japanese Swordmaster (the first being Nobu), Darkside_Blues.

Interesting Factoid #2: seeing as the costume was over the top (more so than I was led to guess), room302 arranged for him, Raven and Yu-kun to be transported also by Darkside_Blues (who, like me, has had a rather bad row with punctuality).

Interesting Factoid #3: as I am only halfway to KABATZA, with about 13 (!) minutes to spare, Raven texts me that their “ride” is not there yet and can I begin without them? On top of that, my phone card picks the perfect time to be dead and I just pray for a miracle (seeing as the Athenian streets, any way you look at it, are choke full even in early September).

Miraculously, I manage to arrive just 7 minutes late and even more miraculously, find Larva already on the decks, having arrived only minutes earlier and having gotten the same MSG. There are people already waiting and even the first cosplayers have arrived. The night promised to be very memorable and indeed it was… Maestro, drum roll please, curtain, en avant!

This concludes the first part of the Grand Opening with (probably) one more to go. Stay tuned, because things got even cooler than that! Before relieving you of my presence, as promised, here is the list I played that night, with my compliments:

Playlist – Eien Monogatari Part II – Kaeri to Omoide

01 – Angel Sanctuary – Sanctus.mp3

02 – Vampire Knight – Still Doll (TV ED).mp3

03 – Murder Princess – Hikari Sasuhou (OVA OP).mp3

04 – Black Jack 21 – Destiny Taiyou no Hana.mp3

05 – Super Robot Wars Original Generation OVA – Meikyuu no Prisoner.mp3

06 – hackLUMINALITY – Tasogare no Umi (OVA ED).mp3

07 – Wolf’s Rain – Stray (TV OP).mp3

08 – Samurai 7 – Unlimited (TV OP).mp3

09 – Speedgrapher – Girls on Film (TV OP).mp3

10 – Soul Eater – Resonance (TV OP).mp3

11 – Haibane Renmei – Free Bird (TV OP).mp3

12 – Jigoku Shoujo – Futakomori – Nightmare (TV OP).mp3

13 – Loveless – Tsuki no Curse (TV OP).mp3

14 – Vampire Knight – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi (TV OP).mp3

15 – Angel Sanctuary – Knife of Romance (OVA ED).mp3

16 – Petite Cossette – Houseki (OVA ED).mp3

17 – Night Wizard – Kurenai (TV OP).mp3

18 – Weiss Kreuz – It’s Too Late.mp3

19 – Air -Tori no Uta (TV OP).mp3

20 – Ayashi no Ceres – One (TV ED).mp3

21 – Fullmetal Alchemist – Kesenai Tsumi (TV ED 2).mp3

22 – Busou Renkin – Makkana Chikai (TV OP).mp3

and in case you were wondering, though I did mention it in Easy Subjugation, the title reads: “Eternal Tale Part II: Return and Remembrance”.


6 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 1: Legendary Cosplays”

  1. Afu su eipame oti ntythike Itachi o aderfos mu mpre:P
    Ton Toshiro Mifune den ton evales kamia foto:P

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Na se po, 1 myalo exei to kaimeno to Speedgrapher… Kai o Mifune epitelous an thelei as valei kati allo. Ton Itachi pandos tha ton diorthoso…

  3. My life would be empty without cosplayers. Bless y’all.

  4. […] 5. Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening Part 1: Legendary Cosplays […]

  5. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

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