Ordre de Ciel: Unshin and the Festive Room – Part 2

Well… took bloody long didn’t it? At this point I feel I owe an apology to Unshin, as well as Demi-chan but day job commitments took up so much of my time recently, that I was simply unable to tackle the whole photography business in time. However, as Tomodachi once put it, “I may be late but I do not forget” (and that holds true in every sense).

Hence, considerably much time after the fact, I bring you the second part of the night with Unshin at KABATZA, which entailed their being interviewed by Demi and suddenly, out of nowhere, starting to rain in frigging July. Not that I, personally did not appreciate the brief respite from the hot, humid weather but honestly, Unshin came all the way from the UK (where it rains 80% of the time), in Greece, in Summer and one would be tempted to think that the weather simply followed them. There was a funny element about it but considering the interview could not be conducted inside noisy, hot KABATZA and it was raining outside, it just gives a surreal tone to the whole affair.

More so but rather annoying and embarrassing, was the fact that some people living in the area decided to treat us to a different rain, one of the egg type. Now, I am not saying that we are not noisy, to an extent, but seriously, if they wanted us to shut up they could just throw a bucket of water or perhaps even, one or two eggs, THEN tell us to shut up. On the contrary, these were people who obviously had nothing better to do than chicken behind their windows, while searching for some target practice (1 egg is reasonable, 2 is annoyance, 3 is bad manners and anything more is idiotic fun – taking into account the large intervals, I would stake my money on “idiotic fun”), did not care about our shutting up but scoring some hits.

It’s just as well that our country is considered Europe’s backwater swamp, since the best efforts of independent groups, when not forging ahead on their own and against the populace’s cultural short-sightedness, are marred by the hillbilly attitude of the inhabitants. Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to bitch about it but I still wanted you to have all the facts. With that said and done, have fun perusing the rest of the pictures.

Well, that concludes our great time spent together with Unshin and also concludes the KABATZA posts of this blog until September (remember, there’s the Re-Opening Party on September 6th). Seeing as the JMCM started in Easy Subjugation, it will continue there and all further otaku goodness posts will appear here as of autumn.

Faithfully Yours,



3 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: Unshin and the Festive Room – Part 2”

  1. dddddddddddddddddd Says:

    Guess who sodomized your photatoes, ONCE AGAIN.


    Yes yes yes. Late! This was unexpected from you, lol~ And got me in a bit of trouble… But! *shrugs* better late than never, neeeee~

    Love them :3

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Gomeeeeen… -__- Glad you liked them, at least ^0^

  3. 3ylo, 3ylo, 3ylo!!! WOOD LEME REEEEEEEEE!!!!! 😛 Axa0x0a0xa0x0axa 😛

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