Ordre de Ciel: Unshin and the Festive Room – Part 1

Welcome everyone, to the first non-introductory post of this blog. For old readers, this is where you will soon be reading anything related to Japanese cultural events exclusively; for new readers, this is your virgin trip to our fun little world, so sit comfortably and enjoy the show.

As (some of) you know, Ordre de Ciel is a DJ collective who have taken it upon themselves to be at the forefront of J-culture dissemination in Greece. Ever since I first met them, back in late November 2007, I could discern two things: (a)they love what they are doing and (b)given half a chance, they can take their independent project a looooong way. Several theme parties, cosplay events and even the presence of Sugizo in the Anime Party Extraordinaire in April later, Ordre de Ciel is gearing up for big things, among which closing the season with great music, great guests and the first ever Japanese Music and Cosplay Marathon in Greece (JMCM for short) but I digress. Among those great, aforementioned guests, Unshin were last week in Greece for the Schoolwave Music Festival and given the opportunity, Ordre de Ciel invited them over to the Friday party, so that we could meet them, drink with them and they, in turn, have fun alongside the trigger-happy Greek J-community.

Oh, did I mention that Ordre de Ciel have been playing Japanese music EVERY week (initially Sundays and as the crowd increased, Fridays)? KABATZA Bar, where these weekly events take place, has become part of our weekly entertainment, with many birthdays being celebrated, simultaneously at times! Last Friday’s event was extra special because, apart from Unshin being present, some of us had conspired to surprise Ordre de Ciel’s fearless leader (room302, with the other members being Raven Sweetwater, KrizD and Larva)), with an early gift for his birthday and two other people had independently decided to celebrate birthdays there (one being our friend Asaph-chan and the other Martita). I am proud and moved to say that this business started with my birthday, when room302 gathered all my friends and organized an elaborate conspiracy to surprise and even freak me out a little, a few days earlier than my birthday. Now, he, in turn, had said that he would celebrate his birthday in KABATZA, on the 11th of July (his birthday’s on the 8th). It was the perfect opportunity to surprise him back, given that statement, by giving him his gift on the 4th!

Unshin, three birthdays and one being that of our way cool DJ and above all, great friend: it was bound to be a great night. However, as older readers have found out, I am more prone to let my pictures do the talking, so I will restrict myself to commentary.

Unshin, though tired from having played at Schoolwave, not half an hour before they came over at KABATZA, were great company, amiable one and all and ready to discuss anything we cared to ask them. Not only that, but they had brought along several envelopes printed with the group’s Kanji, which contained the lyrics from their album, “Waltz for Broken Dolls”, as well as Japanese sweets! There is much to be said of their impressions from Schoolwave, the event at KABATZA and much more besides, pertaining to the slightly freak weather during their interview and a few surreal events surrounding it. However, that all will be discussed next time.

Yours in earnest,


[To be continued…]

P.S. You might notice that the pictures have the Easy Subjugation signature, That is because it remains the main blog and frankly, it is too much of a pain to work two diffrent sigs in photoshop, without getting mixed up.


11 Responses to “Ordre de Ciel: Unshin and the Festive Room – Part 1”

  1. 8es na me dysfhmiseis e??? HA!!! Dn 8a katafereis tpt!!! Akomh kai to depth of field doulepse gia ton Sokail sthn epimaxh photo!!! Axa0x0a0x0ax0axa 😛 (kai pws kai dn symperielabes to 3ylo me tn Sofia??? Sto opoio 8a h8ela na “ri3w ena blefaro” kapoia stigmh :P)

  2. speedxgrapher Says:

    Ahh… but do not worry my barbarian friend. See that little “part 1” up there? I am working on part 2… heheheh!

  3. Part 1??? Part 2??? Dah!!! Stop posing those riddles of yours, you arrogant dwarven wizard! What kind of mystical knowledge is hidding behind those words??? … “Part 2″… Hmmm…

    (h alh8eia einai oti den eixa dei pote to “part 1” 😛 lol!!!)

  4. speedxgrapher Says:

    Dwarven Wizard? Nu-uh, this is not your grandkids’ DnD parndah, this is good, old-fashioned AD&D and Dwarves do not have a clue about mafic that does not belong to their God. Baruk kazad, baruk kazad, kazad aimenu! Jeezus man, should I write “Part 1” with neon letters? Pay attention boyo! ;D

  5. No it’s ok… “Part 1” is ok as it is for the time being… As long as dwarves keep not having a clue about “mafic”… Axa0x0ax0a0x0ax0a0x0axa!!! 😛

  6. speedxgrapher Says:

    Man, can’t do an honest misspell and you go shoving it in my face… ! Nice friend you are….

  7. That’s why you luv (?) me!!! 😛 C’m on… You know that the best misspells are the ones done due to accidenatlly hitting the letters next to the one you were supposed to type!!! 😛 It’s the kind of random evolution generating new words and scenarios and we should be really thankful to people doing such misspells!!! They are important to mankind (and I’m drunk again…!!! :P) Like, you know… “Mafic”… Well, what could that one be? I would bet for something having to do with the Mafia, but that’s to obvious, isn’t it? Maybe a muffler, misspelled itself as “maffler”? Or a muffin??? (ok… the ranting stops right now! :P)

  8. speedxgrapher Says:

    Well… the rant is OK, I s’ppose but you ARE soooo drunk…!

  9. Agoria me ta opla panta se etoimotita neee???Ante mazafteta ta eidame.

  10. MantzZzoola Man Says:

    Really brought up some “nice” moments!!!

  11. […] 2. Ordre de Ciel: Unshin and the Festive Room – Part 1 […]

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